Skincare Routine w/ Vichy

I think you've already heard that many times on my Instagram stories: I am deeply in love with the skincare brand VICHY. 

Why though ? Well first , the main ingredients they use is the mineral rich  Thermal Spa Water that comes from a town ( called Vichy of course) thats located right next to my hometown Clermont-Ferrand. You're going to think this article is completely biased BUT it isn't because the product that is shown below has faded most of my acne scars ( no BS). 

Another thing that makes this brand the "winner" is  their prices... Most of the time I don't feel like putting hundreds in skincare products but Vichy carries some excellent quality creams for under 40$!

This is the LiftActiv Vitamin C Brightening skin corrector. I am not kidding but if you have little spots or acne scars you want to fade , use this magic serum every night for two weeks. I still can't believe how miraculous this product has been on my skin. It really helps to brighten and smooth the skin texture. 


I make sure to apply a moisturizer after the serum : I use the Mineral 89 that plumps my skin and give me this radiant baby skin look effect :) It's a non greasy gel formula that contains hyaluronic acid to strengthen the skin barrier ... Exactly what I need during these cold months in Montreal!

Let me know if you try any of these products or if you have any questions!