Staying warm w/ Bench. Canada

Living in Montreal makes me realize how crucial it is to stay warm yet comfortable in your coat. The coat is actually the most important piece of your outfit since it's the first thing that people usually see on you. If you've been following me for a bit , you'll realize that I DO NOT LIKE boring coats. I like to wear sparkles, flashy and colors ! 

When I got the opportunity to collaborate with Bench, I knew I was going to choose a colorful coat. I got super excited and bought this water repellant  burgundy piece lined with faux fur . What's amazing is that it wasn't made with feather  and I am warm enough under -20C . This is the perfect coat to feel EXTRA TRENDY while staying very comfy!

Bench is a brand that carries a bunch of fun and comfortable sport-wear that are made with very breathable materials . You should definitely check-out their new collection as they're having sales until the end of December ! 

As always, you'll be able to shop the coat at the end of the article ;) 

Thanks to my amazing blogger friend Yasmina for the pictures ! 

Water repellent jacket