The Butchers of Paname : PARIS

9 Rue de l'École de Médecine, 75006 Paris

If you know me well , you know that I do love a delicious and big piece of meat once in a while (sorry my vegan followers). Especially when I know my dad is choosing the restaurant because he has a sixth sense for picking the best! 

Earlier this month, we discovered this little gem: The Butchers of Pananame, located 5 minutes away from le Jardin du Luxembourg. From outside, you wouldn't believe what this place has to offer. It is a multifunctional restaurant that has an enormous wine cellar full of delightful wines and is also a cigar lounge. You can even reserve this space for events. The main floor offers a bar service where they organize happy-hours. And if you're tempted to try the butcher's choices, I invite you to go upstairs and take a seat!  

Furthermore, this restaurant was built on a historical site! If you want to know its secret, you'll have to ask yourself to the lovely waiters :)  

From the top floor 

I love to discover a restaurant's character through its interior design. The Butchers of Paname surely knew what they were doing!

The perfect french appetizer to get you started. 


For 28 euros , I got the smoked beef ribs with a homemade (of course) bbq sauce and a white cabbage salad with tarragon. Such a delicacy...

If you ever pass by Paris, make sure to check this "new kid on the block" !