Café Poêtes : HOUSTON

Every time I come to Houston I get the chance to test out new restaurants and cafés with my parents  and to be honest , they are THE best guides! 

I just love our Sunday ritual of strolling around the museum district , taking pictures of this memorable city ( I lived there for 5 years before moving to Montreal) , and enjoy being together which is pretty rare since we were living in different countries. 

What I have to present you today is Café Poêtes. I'm going to be very honest about this place. It is "the place to be" for a Sunday Brunch. I mean, look at this interior decor, it's la crème de la crème in Houston City: so chic , so white , so cute. The pastries are fantastic ! On the other side , the food is quite expensive and you definitely end up paying more for what you get. I wish they would have put a bit more  "green" on our plates. You know , we frenchies like our five fruits and veggies per day ;) 

Overall , it's a great place to enjoy some family time. If you're in a rush, be careful because it's a very popular café and around twelvish you can wait around 15/20 minutes before ordering, then you have to wait another 20 minutes before getting your oder. I wouldn't recommend giving tips before getting your food, which is asked when you pay. Yes , it's a café , so you technically have to pay before getting your oder. If you have plenty of time , get an "éclair au café" , a croissant and a coffee and sit back and relax . 

( The Monsieur with the hat is the owner, don't hesitate to start a friendly chat , he is french and super friendly)