Chocolate lovers, this one is for you : PIERRE MARCOLINI

Whether it’s in a cake, a drink, for breakfast or dinner; I just love chocolate. You know… the kind of chocolate that really tells a story while embalming a whole room.

Well … last week I found the paradise of chocolate. The chocolate that has been chosen with love and respect.

Today I present you PIERRE MARCOLINI:

Pierre knows what he is doing because he is a true PASSIONATE. He selects the best chocolate beans while remunerating 2 to 3 times more the Cocoa planters than the market average. He engages himself to buy from them for a couple of years in order to sustain their activity and … his team has worked in reducing their packaging of 50%.

In term of the price , it’s really affordable knowing all the effort that is put behind the work.
(A Christmas log cake will cost around 40euros).

As of October 1st , you will be able to buy his chocolate box, a collaboration with Victoria Beckham. My favorite one is definitely the heart with the rose flavour.



Collaboration V.B X P.M
Available October 2018