L'Étoile is a typical french restaurant  in Houston that offers deliciousness on a plate for very SO VERY affordable prices. It is located in uptown right next to the crave cupcake shop. 

What you get there is a mix of french dishes oh sooooo extraordinary which offer an explosion of flavours. 
First we started off with these truffle raviolis hidden under a succulent champignon mousse. This dish seriously just melts in the mouth like candy cotton! 

My parents got Halibut from Alaska on an aubergine caviar.

I got a bison sirloin with a mix of celery and carrots purées. I have no words to describe how amazing this dish was. I don't usually eat meat but when i do , I want to taste new flavours and really good quality meat. This was PERFECT! 

For desert we had pistachio and raspberries desert, profiteroles and a typical french apple pie. 
The apple pie was real , like it tastes real , it tastes like my grandmother's apple pie. I dont think they kid with deserts ;) 
I would totally recommend this restaurant to every houstonian and for any occasion . It is worth the detour. Plus if you have the chance to speak to the chef, you'll see that french people are awesome hahahaha . 
Enjoy ! 
( I am very sorry for the quality of my pictures but it was taken with an iphone 6 under dimmed lights- oops) 
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