Presents for the gents

Christmas is coming really faster than you think or at least,  faster than I think ...
I don't know if you have the same problem as me but I never know what to get for the masculine part of my family ... so I decided to do two assortments of presents with objects that I think would go well together but you are absolutely free to pick what inspires you.

For the first one , I thought of brownish tones. There is :
- FOSSIL watch / 145$
-LAGRANGE Bow Tie , handmade in MTL / 50$
-ZARA boots / 119$
-POLAROID instant camera / 260$
-HERMES notebook / 25$ 

For the second one, I was influenced by Pony , an amazing woman , an amazing illustrator , an amazing artist.
- PONY "dreamer horse" print / 25$ . I have this print on a sweatshirt and I can't get over it. nope.
-Solar system phone charger / 90 euros 
-Lazer tag alarm clock / 35$
-ALEX STEVEN sweater / 30$

I hope this post will give you inspiration to give the bests presents for Christmas ! :)
If you have any other ideas , please let me know !