Musical Mood #1

Hello everyone !

I am introducing a new post called : Musical Mood which is a playlist featuring 7 musics/songs that I've been listening during the past week.

A lot of my friends are wondering what type of music person I am because I listen to a lot of different sounds , going from classical to trap... So I thought that it would be nice to share with you my musical taste.

CLICK HERE to discover the Playlist  

1) Skyscraper by Elephant
- LOVE the beat + melody makes me think of a song I already know

2) Way Down we go by Kaleo
- THANK YOU FIFA for introducing me to this nice and deep voice. For me,  it's a mix of two amazing artists : Devendra Banhart and Eddie Vedder  !

3) Notorious by Malaa
-On point with the bass - uuurrrghhhh : beats i love

4) No Twerk by Apashe
-Liking trap ? check this artist !

5) Morning Mood by Gynt
- My everyday alarm... actually , my bf's actual alarm ( kinda convinced him it was the best way to wake up)

6) Nocturne 1 by Chopin
-My #1 classical music

7) Dimah by Raal
-The music I've listened the most this week. Oriental trap = why not?

I hope you will be inspired by this playlist and send me new musics to listen to !

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