Where to in Montréal : Café Tommy

Café Tommy , in the Old Montréal is one of my favorite spots here in the city. Why ?
Well many reasons made me fall in love with this café :

First , lets admit something the mood here is extraordinary ; like Café Parvis , the interior designer has made a great job to recreate a minimalist yet cozy "ambiance".
Plus this garden gnome is literally amazing, I want it ...like really really want it.


Though this is not the main reason : have you ever checked their viennoiseries? Oh gosh , if you haven't , pleeeeaaaaassse , you have to come to café Tommy to enjoy either their chocolate deliciousness or just a simple croissant:

Now let me share with you what I got for lunch:
I went for a quinoa/pistachio/cucumber/feta/tomato salad = incredible
And if you ever pass by , make sure to try their Almond Croissant because it is simply amazing and HUGE.
+I got to have an almond milk cappuccino and didn't pay extra ;)

Now , last thing I have to admit ( a lot to admit today haha ) , I also go there because I am very intrigued by the owner. If you've never seen her , well she's the kind of woman that can charm anyone with her delectable voice and really is supa sexy = +10000000000 points café Tommy !

Now , last thing I want to talk about : as a student it can be hard to find a place where you can be committed to work. Music for me is not an issue : in the morning they have an old rock playlist and in the afternoon its more remixes of artists such as Angus and Julia Stone : very pleasant to work with. It opens at 8am , the time when there is less people . Then at 12ish , ouch , all of the seats are occupied and people start to leave at 2/3pm.

Now ciao ciao café Tommy ! I hope you will enjoy this post and will give you inspiration where to work if the library is not tempting you.

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