The Peach Box Review

After having seen many bloggers and instagrammers wearing The Peach Box jewelry, I had the incredible chance to work with the brand and to be honest , I am amazed!

I received , two weeks later, the following pieces that thought would fit me the best:   The Luxe Double Crystal Earrings , the Roman Empress Bangle and  the Roman Empress Ring.

The Peach Box is an Australian jewelry  company that offers timeless , elegant and good quality fashion pieces. 
The products came in matte boxes, each including a velvety pouch. I think they have really worked well with finding the right packaging! 
The earrings really surprised me . I love their rose gold color, the crystals do not look fake and they can be easily paired with any chic outfit. 

As for the bracelet and the ring I was also very impressed. The quality is quite remarkable and the silver does not look like it will rust that easily because the cuts are made in a stainless steel band. I have read a lot of bloggers saying that the arm pieces were very small and would fit only small wrists but the bracelet is still very loose on me. 
The ring, though , was smaller than I thought but instantly makes a statement when worn. I was a bit scared that it would be  too heavy and thick but it ended up being very fashionable. 
I would totally recommend buying jewelry on the Peach Box website. It is not that cheap but it is worth every single penny ! 
I can't wait to show you how I wear them with different OOTD/OOTN . 
Hope you will like the brand as much as I do . Ciao Ciao. 
-anhung2 Comments