Where to in Montréal : Farine

Located in the Mile-End, on Saint-Viateur Street,  Farine is an Italian-style bakery and pizzeria. It is such a welcoming place , with gigantic windows and a modern industrial interior design. The bakery offers a palette of delicious flavors ; and what makes it more delicious in the fact that they make everything ( from the bun to the sauce) on place.

The prices range from $6 to $11 for  lunch , serving pizzas, sandwiches, pastas , tartare and the most appetizing pastries!



I have tasted the "Bavette de boeuf" sandwich and oh my , this sandwich ... It is made of the most tender beef bavette cut in pieces accompanied of a "green sauce" , principally made of basil . Finally all of this wonder is sandwiched in a home-made brioche bun.


I will definitively come back and I hope you will try this place because it is worth every single penny! (You can find them on their website  or on their facebook page  )