Beauty review : Organique Cosmetics

Today I want to share with you an emerging brand of cosmetics called Organique Cosmetics. I have tried two of their products : the Body Sugar Peeling and the Green and White Tea Immuno-Serum and they are simply AMAZING!!!! 
The first question when I discovered the brand was 'what does it make it organic'?
Since all of their products are manufactured in Poland, they must undergo rigid testing in dermatology, toxicology ( both human and environment ) and microbiology before being allowed to enter the market for sale.  

They also have an  International Eco-cert Certification for all of the active ingredients and all oils ; plus approximately forty eight of their other products have the Viva Certification - for Vegan and Vegetarians - Plus none of their products contain harmful chemicals that could hurt your skin or the environment -and cherry on the top : they are not tested on animals 

I can truly say that  Organique Cosmetics has become one of my favorite cosmetic brand. 
Now let me get in the review of the products : 

The green and white tea immuno serum has a light scent of white tea that makes it super refreshing. The green product absorbs very quickly into the skin, making it simple to apply your foundation directly after. 
But what really worked well for me : I had a dry patch on my left cheek because of a pimple . I decided to apply the serum on this area twice ( in the morning and the evening) and the next day my skin was so hydrated that the dryness disappeared. And to be honest, I don't have any cream that nourishes my skin that well. 
The other product is a body sugar scrub which has a very strong floral scent. The ingredients : Crystal sugar, Soybean Oil, Beeswax, Extracts of Cherry, Plantain, Water Lily and Shea butter are the perfect combination for a gentle and nourishing body scrub. 
A plus for this product is the fact that it does not leave any greasy feeling after rinsing it off.  

You can find all of their other products here.  Check it out , the aesthetic of the website is so nice . Not only it is beautifully designed but it also gives detailed information about all of the products. 
Shop organic= shop smart 

-Much love-