Café Nocturne : MONTREAL

Roland and I are always happy to discover new coffee shops in Montreal , especially the cozy one. 

As we were walking up Saint-Laurent,  I told him I wanted to go back to Kitsuné . What I didn't know was that it changed owner three months ago and is now called NOCTURE ( same location  : 19 Prince Arthur) .  

The coffee is still delicious here, served in little glasses of water. 

The interior design hasn't changed and is a mix of rustic and industrial furnitures. 

I couldn't access it today , but I remember they have a rather small but intimate terrace in the back , perfect for summer days. 

As a student, it's very practical because the music is not too loud and the café closes at 7pm everyday. 

The tea came in this very cute Chinese tea pot and made the flavours stand out so well  . I haven't decided yet what was represented on it though ... ;) 

What are your favorite coffee shops in Montréal?

-Much love- 


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