Beauty dicovery : Verdura Naturalternatives

Today on the blog, I present you natural alternatives to doll up your skin. Christmas is around the corner and I can't wait to see my little family . But unfortunately Christmas ( in Montreal) also means extreme cold that can cause your skin to be dry and tired. 

Don't worry though,  because I have tried Verdura Naturalternatives and I can already tell you that it has been miraculous for my skin. 
Recently I have stopped using lotion before applying my serum because it had a tendency to cause my skin to flake ...  I could not stop using lotion so I tried using Verdura's mist to replace it and it works perfectly. The Lotus mist has a fresh cent of flowers and dries very quickly on the skin so you can rapidly apply your serum after. The bottle is so elegant and is made of glass ( such a great aspect of the brand). And finally this product also provides you antiseptic and anti-aging properties. 

What is wonderful about the brand is that they keep strong values that you could share with your entourage : the founders use products of highest quality that are fair-trade and entirely vegan. This means : no animal testing and no animal derived ingredients.  
Take a step forward for your planet by sharing the love for natural and non-toxic skincare  : 
-Much love-

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