OOTD: Hope you're surviving finals

Hello beautiful,  as the title suggests: I hope this period of finals has not drained all the energy out of you . Maybe Christmas is approaching very quickly, but New Year's Eve is also around the corner...which means extravagant outfits, ze bling bling , champagne and pictures you hope you'd had never taken.

This year I have concocted an outfit by layering some pieces I never thought I'd worn together; but oh well ...  sometimes , fashion experiences  can give you good enough results.

To be honest with you ,  my mission was " how to wear this white gown without looking like I had stolen my grandma's robe ( still wonder why I bought it )" . Finally , I found the solution to layer it with my suede vest that I only wear during summer.

I paired it with black jeans and my favorite - sorry , actually , my only- belt who comes from Ralph Lauren.

I finished the look with the most elegant high knee boots from Aldo.

And finally, the best part of this outfit is the handmade choker I bought in Costa Rica.

(Photo cred : the amazing FrΓ©dΓ©rick Nguyen)

I hope this look will inspire you to dress differently during New Year's Eve  and to try new assemblage ... because remember ,  you will always look fantastic if you embrace your own style!

-Much love-


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