Valentine's day : a treat for you

Valentine's day is the occasion to celebrate love with a good dinner , roses ,  cheesy presents and more chocolate.
But you know what ? Valentine's day shouldn't be for lovers only . It's the right time of the year to focus on you , your ambition and to celebrate the person you have become and all of what you have achieved so far.

Take the day to pamper your skin and relax. These Looky Scrubs from Elle R Cosmรฉtiques are the perfect present to you or to your friends. Each one retails at the price of 15$ and can be found online or in different pharmacies.

The one that I've opened on the picture leaves your skin so soft and hydrated. Mixed with a scent of coffee beans, your skin will thank you for the treat. You can choose between different scrubs : they have a slimming one , a decongesting and a classic one for example. I'm sure you'll find the perfect fit.

-Love yourself for who you are - Enjoy !


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