OOTD: the sweater + little black dress

After the whole "t-shirt under the silk dress" trend , why not the knit sweater under the little black dress?  To be honest , I was very hesitant to wear a thick sweater like the one above under a dress; because you know... the saucisson look is not very sexy. But guess what? You just have to find an oversize dress ( the one you've sworn too many times to make alterations  because you really wanted to buy this item but it was the only size left) . Combine both : sweater + little black dress and voila.
I both bought the sweater and dress at H&M for like 30 bucks in total and it's one of my favorite ensemble. ( plus it has pockets and really ...  a dress with a pocket is like next level)


Sorry for the strange colours , I am trying to edit my pictures differently and play with the colour curves . I kind of like it ... what do you think?

-Love- Anhung

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