Toronto mini food diary


If you didn't notice yet after seeing multiple food pictures on my instagram feed, I am a total FOOD lover. And when I travel, it is crucial for me to document all the restaurant adresses I've been to.

Toronto has been a treat concerning its food scene. From low-key restaurants to family owned ones, I will share with you what I've been eating during my last visit to Toronto.

  • Restaurant Square Fish : One of my last post has been this little thing that looks like a doughnut and is actually a doughnut. But not a simple doughnut doughnut ... a SUSHI doughnut. I'm not kidding . Mix America with Japan and you have this delicious sushi on top balanced with a crunchy fried rice ring on the bottom. Mix your favorite ingredients in between and tadaaaa:

  • Cluny Patisserie: On the other side of the town , in the Distillery District,  hides the best bakery in Toronto . Even if the service could be improved , I  think that we French people do know our patisserie ! So don't hesitate if you want to treat yourself with quality deserts : head out to Cluny!

  • Restaurant Cocina Economica : It is not evident to find restaurants that aren't either completely vege friendly or either has vege option in their menu. Cocina Economica is offering a succulent vegetarian dish with cactus and delicious spices. It is a 5 min walk from the Distillery District and is worth a t ry for an intimate experience with some real mexican food.  If you are game for a low-key restaurant with the right amount of spiciness, you should definitely try this little gem:

  • Restaurant Trattoria Taverniti : Last but not least, a family owned restaurant in the Little Italy. It's cozy , it serves good food , and the service is fast. I highly recommend you trying the pizza bianca with prosciutto and truffle oil.

This guide is bound to make your mouth water ;)

Enjoy !

Anne Nhung