Acne scars : how to treat them


To begin with , I wanted to give you a tip  if you're doing a break-out : breathe , relax , and do not let a couple of pimple to stop living your life to the fullest. You're beautiful as you are <3 Acne has been for the past year a real struggle. I never really had acne before , even while I was a teenager. But because of stress, I had my first ( and huge)  break-out during the summer 2016.

And ( who knows what was going through in my head at that time ) , I did not take care of it at all. On the contrary , I was hiding it under layers and layers of makeup.  The result for me was terrible scars that lasted for more than a year , meaning more makeup everyday.

This post will be all about the post-acne-war : how to treat your skin to fade your scars.

  • The first product I will mention is the OleHenriksen - Moment of truth- 2-in 1 Polishing Sugar mask.  This mask cost 42$ , but you should not hesitate to buy it because of high price . This mask is worth every single pennies you put in. Its formula is a sugar scrub , which is perfect  for a gentle polishing effect that smoothes away dead skin cells ( meaning that it will gently fade away your scars) . This product has been one of my favorite for months .
  • The second product is the Vichy mineralizing thermal water spray . It is naturally rich in 15 beneficial minerals and antioxidants to help protect your skin against harsh environments. I trust this brand 100% . I grew up in a town located not far from Vichy and have always seen my grandmother and my mum using this brand. No wonder why my mum  appears to be twenty years less.
  • The thirst product that has been a miracle on my skin is the Clarisonic MIA face brush. I've realized with this brush that removing my makeup with bare hands does not do the job . If you want to say ciao ciao to black heads and hello to a smoother and prettier skin , you should invest in this cleansing brush. Even if you have a very sensible skin like mine , you will be able to use the brush because it has two settings which permits you to choose the strength of the pulsation.

If you have any other question regarding acne-prone skin , don't hesitate to message me as I have different tips to take care of it ;)

This article is not sponsored by any brand , so please trust me as I reveal the best products I've used to say bye bye to acne.

Have a great Sunday!